List of Virgin Islands Postal Codes - VI, USA

Quickly find Virgin Islands, USA Zip Codes. There are over 16 postal codes assigned to Virgin Islands based on different City/Town.

Please look carefully, because different cities might have unique Zip Code assigned to it. Along with the Zip Code, you will also find area codes of Virgin Islands.

Zip Codes of Virgin Islands, VI

Zip Code City County Area Codes
801 St Thomas
802 St Thomas 340
803 St Thomas
804 St Thomas
805 St Thomas
820 Christiansted 340
821 Christiansted
822 Christiansted
823 Christiansted
824 Christiansted
830 St John
831 St John
840 Frederiksted 340
841 Frederiksted
850 Kingshill 340
851 Kingshill
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